Whether at trade fairs, events, corporate anniversaries or public holidays, giveaways are among the most important marketing tools of a company. The aim of the give-aways is to make a positive impression on the customer or partner and thus to increase the awareness and customer loyalty in the long term.

In general, a distinction between cheap giveaways (gift items) and high quality giveaways. Cheap gift items, such as lighters, pens or dextrose, are distributed to the masses to reach as many potential customers as possible. However, as a company you should not just indiscriminately print a promotional item with your own logo. For the Promotional Products the followings are the best supports.

What is important when choosing the right giveaway is explained below?

The benefits of freebies as a marketing tool
Imaginative promotional gifts are ideal marketing tools, as they not only increase the company’s profile, but also strengthen the image, improve the business relationships and support customer loyalty. They are regarded by the customer as a gift and therefore perceived positively.
Another advantage: the lifetime of many promotional items is very high, meaning that they can be used for years and thus stay in the customer’s memory for longer than, say, a commercial. Especially with innovative giveaways and useful everyday items that are used frequently, the company remains in the recipient’s memory for a long time. Advertising is also not perceived as intrusive or obtrusive, but useful, especially for high added value giveaways such as umbrellas, tools or watches.In addition to the logo giveaways can also be provided with a message to z. B. attention to the company’s services or its own Internet address or attention.

Innovative ideas for giveaways you should pay attention to this

Companies like to give away classic promotional items, such as pens, cups or lighters. However, those who want to stand out from the crowd should rely on unique giveaways with great benefits. This is the only way to keep the customer permanently in the memory. In the case of low-quality giveaways, on the other hand, there is a danger of leaving a negative impression. Basically, there is nothing against the use of cheap litter products, but quality and benefits should be taken into account as the items are otherwise thrown away by the recipient.

Promotional gifts with your logo

Your company will be hosting an event soon? Are you celebrating your company anniversary or looking for a suitable giveaway for a trade fair? The selection of freebies is huge. So that you do not lose track, we stand by your side as a design and online marketing agency for the Personalized Notebooks now.

Excerpts from our references

As a design agency we have already realized many projects. Not only do they fit in well with the company, they are also useful and can be easily stowed away in your pocket.

Freebies that work

If you are looking for creative and useful freebies, but you do not have the right idea or the time, we are happy to help you as a design and marketing agency.

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