As far back as 1953, celebs have been dazzling their fans with the striking pixie cut.  This universally flattering style can be worn pushed back, pushed forward or swept to the side.  Voluminous or sleek, inverted or asymmetrical, the pixie cut is so versatile it can complement any face shape.

The Wait is Over

If you have long locks or have never had short hair, making the switch is scary.  But consider this – shorter hair takes less time to maintain.  The pixie is so versatile, you can switch it up with daily styles, color highlights or balayage to find the look that suits your personality.

  1. Pixie for Thick Hair
    A great style for thick hair, with extra short clipped sides and slightly more length on top, this haircut is polished and professional.
  2. Natural Hair Pixie
    This haircut pairs the natural beauty of hair with the construct of the pixie for a simply delightful style.
  3. Pixie with Highlights
    This playful cut and added highlights is just gorgeous, especially with high contrast natural and highlighted colors.
  4. Curly Natural Pixie
    This cropped, graduated cut lets your beautiful naturally curly hair shine. It accentuates your hair texture and is looks amazing whether you have tight curls or loose waves.
  5. Curly Pixie Undercut
    Add some daring to your curly pixie with an undercut.  This style can be muted to take you to the office with confidence, or can be jazzed up with hair clips and adornments.  With extra volume and precision edges, this hairstyle takes you anywhere and looks amazing.
  6. Long Bangs
    This dramatic hairstyle with an asymmetrical cut and long bangs brings out the eyes and elongates the face.  Add some daring color to a deep part and long bangs are you are set to wow the crowd.
  7. Short Hair with Bangs
    This classic short hairstyle gives you an extraordinary look to show off your facial beauty.  The bangs are cut short and choppy and the hair is cut close to the head with a tapered back.
  8. Asymmetrical with Color
    This edgy style combines an asymmetrical cut with a unique color or hue to really pop.  Add an undercut for extra pizazz.
  9. Sideswept Pixie
    Ideal for heart-shaped faces, this straight and close-cut hairstyle is classy and elegant. You will command attention with this lovely style.
  10. Very Short Pixie
    For extremely short hair, slimmer girls with beautiful facial features look great in this glamourous pixie.
  11. Cropped with Bangs
    Soften your face with choppy layers and bangs with this cut. This hairstyle works best with straight or slightly wavy hair.
  12. Layers of Red
    This style will put you in the spotlight with layers of bold red over your natural hue.  Curled pieces overlaid onto your natural color bring a very dramatic appearance.
  13. Tapered Messy Pixie
    For a modern casual style, make the most of your hair’s natural texture.  With shorter layers in the back and longer layers in front and on top, this softly tousled coif flatters your facial features.

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