Ivy League Haircuts We All Want to Copy In 2019.

Ivy league haircut is typically a classic variation of a crew haircut. Also called Princeton or Harvard cut, the Ivy league haircut on Menshaircuts.com incorporates the crew haircuts short hair, side-swept and slick at the side part. Harvard haircut, as many people commonly know it, is the best look for men who are looking for a modern, yet chic style.

If you are here because you were looking for the trendiest and modern Princeton haircuts, then our guide will aid you to get the best style ideal for you. Here are some of our modern ivy league hairstyles men’s haircuts for your consideration. Take a gander.

  1. Classic Ivy League Cut.

With its origin from Ivy league college, the classic ivy league cut is smart and refined. Also called Harvard clip or Princeton cut, the style incorporates cutely tapered sides with elongated hair at the top that is long enough to be side-swept.

  1. Textured Ivy League Hairstyle.

This men’s haircut is an excellent choice for many men. And or gents with thick hair, adding a textured cut can take things to a different level so that you don’t appear like a Lego figurine. For men with thin hair, it can boost bounce and discourage the style from looking too limp and flat.

Besides, regardless of your hair type, this ivy league haircut will always exude great coolness and sophistication as well.

  1. Short Ivy League Cut.

This is a fabulous choice for men who need a flattering and sophisticated look. To rock this look, tell your barber to leave an inch length of hair at the top. This offers enough length that makes styling easy especially after washing.

  1. Long Ivy League Hairstyle.

Long ivy league cuts can be a flattering option for men looking for something stylish and modern. The haircut appears more fashionable and eye-appealing thanks to the enhanced length at the top. Besides, the elongated strands at the top give you more freedom to try different styles.

So, whether you need a sleek Harvard clip or voluminous, you will create it effortlessly. However, bear in your mind that if you allow the hair to grow long, it will cease to be an ivy league haircut.

  1. Modern Ivy League Cut.

If you want a modern look of the classic Harvard clip, try to incorporate your look with a straightforward style. To achieve this, opt for a long length with less texture.  If you incorporate anything too tidy and neat will bring out the traditional appear so make sure your hair is relaxed for a superb modern take on this seamless style.

  1. Curly Ivy League Cut.

Men with curly hair can also rock Princeton cut. To rock it, just choose the length that looks good for your hair texture. Make sure the curls are well shown off for a full bounce.

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