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Perfect wedding ends with a perfect wedding night

Summer is here finally. Generally speaking, summer is a perfect time to hold your romantic wedding ceremony. The weather is usually warm and pleasant, so you have more options when it comes to choosing a wedding dress of your dreams. Summer is the safest option if you dream of an outside wedding, maybe you want to hold the ceremony on the beach or at the lake shore? Now it is time you can do it without being worried that weather spoils your plans. Are you a summer bride? What did you choose to wear on that special day?

Sexy lingerie that matches your beautiful wedding dress.

I hope you remember you need to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue to your wedding. Some will say that it is just an old saying, but why not try everything to make sure you start your new life with your loved one protected by higher forces of some sort? The words in this saying have a mystical meaning. Something old represents continuity, it can be a gold bracelet that’s in your family for generations, which now your mother passes on to you, wrapping it around your wrist with tender love, wishing you all the best. Something new stands for optimism with which you face your bright future. Actually, I am pretty sure each item you decide to wear for your wedding is probably new, but I would suggest choosing a sexy lingerie set as a lucky charm.

If you wear … Read More

6 Things To Do When You Decide To Try For Your First Baby

Have you decided to try to get pregnant? That is great; however, you should consider waiting a few months so that you can make a few adjustments to your lifestyle to give yourself and your new growing family the best possible chance. Read our article to learn about the vital changes that you need to make to your life before you get pregnant. You can also find out more at Mommy Authority.

Start Taking Prenatal Supplements

Most experts agree that you should start taking prenatal supplements for at least three months before you try to conceive. Most importantly, you should make sure that your supplement contains Folic Acid. When taken correctly, folic acid may help reduce the risk of spina bifida in unborn babies. You should also make sure that your supplement includes ingredients like Iodine, Iron, Vitamin D3, and Omega Fish Oil. It may also be a good idea to have your partner take a supplement to make sure that they are healthy and are able to produce good quality sperm. Supplements for men should contain a combination of the following ingredients. Ubiquinol, which helps protect sperm cells from damage, Coenzyme Q10 – to support sperm cell ‘energy’ and motility. Your partner’s supplement should also include Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin D.

Stop All Contraception

Before you actively start trying for a baby, you should stop taking your birth control. This will allow your body to return to its normal cycle. Once your periods are regular you will be able … Read More

Operating An Effective Home Business? Check This Out!

It can be both challenging and rewarding to get a work from your home business of your own. Your rewards are going to pay off in accordance with the time you may put into it. It might appear hard at first, but things should improve over time.

1. You will have to have the ability to prove that whatever you did while driving increased your business’ profits. Try to use QuickBooks because they have QuickBooks Tech Support Number.

2. You should know the cost of production for any products you are making and selling by yourself. Wholesale pricing is usually double the amount cost to ensure they. Quickbooks with their function on QuickBooks Customer Service Number and Quickbooks Enterprise Support Number. Retail pricing mark-up is twice that relating to the wholesale price. Turn it into a fair price both you and the buyers can deal with.

3. You can expect to succeed with a home business. This could also helps you keep the spheres of business and home from intersecting.

4. You can begin your own personal network or choose one that exists locally. Despite the fact that these folks will not be inside your niche, you can expect to share with them the dedication and drive to make your home based business an absolute success.

5. Select a good name for the organization that is personally meaningful. Although you may haven’t planned a company site, purchase your domain in advance.

6. Make sure you possess a forward … Read More

Learning from the Athletes on Team USA

There’s nothing like the Winter Olympics to make you want to up your fitness game.  One look at the powerful physiques of those athletes and you feel tremendous respect for the hours they must put in the qualify to compete in their chosen sport.  Many train for hours on end and forego any social life to pursue their life-long dreams.  Some even move away from their family and friends to focus single-mindedly on winning.  Watching the programming leading up to the Opening Ceremonies in Pyeongchang, South Korea fills me with anticipation and has inspired me to slip on some trainers and go for a walk or run myself.  At last count, I read it takes an average of $15,000 a year to support an athlete and five to eight years to train them until they reach their full competitive level.  That’s over $100,000 spent on trainers, equipment, food and shelter, lodging and travel, costumes and upkeep, but in the end, most say they wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  When they win a medal, especially the gold, the relief is palpable, even from a thousand miles away.

I’ve been inspired to up my fitness game and invest in some fresh new kicks and athleisure wear to work out in, but I won’t have to spend anywhere near what goes into training an Olympian.  I know how to use a running warehouse coupon from Groupon and get the best deals on active wear, shoes, accessories and gear in town.  … Read More

The Fabulous Pixie Cut

As far back as 1953, celebs have been dazzling their fans with the striking pixie cut.  This universally flattering style can be worn pushed back, pushed forward or swept to the side.  Voluminous or sleek, inverted or asymmetrical, the pixie cut is so versatile it can complement any face shape.

The Wait is Over

If you have long locks or have never had short hair, making the switch is scary.  But consider this – shorter hair takes less time to maintain.  The pixie is so versatile, you can switch it up with daily styles, color highlights or balayage to find the look that suits your personality.

  1. Pixie for Thick Hair
    A great style for thick hair, with extra short clipped sides and slightly more length on top, this haircut is polished and professional.
  2. Natural Hair Pixie
    This haircut pairs the natural beauty of hair with the construct of the pixie for a simply delightful style.
  3. Pixie with Highlights
    This playful cut and added highlights is just gorgeous, especially with high contrast natural and highlighted colors.
  4. Curly Natural Pixie
    This cropped, graduated cut lets your beautiful naturally curly hair shine. It accentuates your hair texture and is looks amazing whether you have tight curls or loose waves.
  5. Curly Pixie Undercut
    Add some daring to your curly pixie with an undercut.  This style can be muted to take you to the office with confidence, or can be jazzed up with hair clips and adornments.  With extra volume and precision edges, this
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